The ritual of holy war and murder


The King and Queen of Spain mourn the victims of the terror attack which claimed 15 lives in Barcelona recently. The atrocity of Las Ramblas was followed swiftly by another terror attack, this time in Finland, where a Moroccan stabbed two women to death. Such atrocities have, depressingly enough, become regular events in our calendar now and it would be naive of anyone to assume that the frequency of mass murder in the name of Islam will ebb in the near future. Continue reading


Democracy 1, autocracy nil: Cameron’s crusade is crushed

The British Prime Minister's plan for a military strike against Syria is in tatters

The British Prime Minister’s plan for a military strike against Syria is in tatters

Late last night, a motion by the British government supporting military action in Syria was rejected by a margin of thirteen. The United Kingdom will not be taking part in any campaign against the Assad regime. This is the first time since 1782 that a British government has lost a vote on military action and the event will most likely go down as one of the highlights of 2013. Prime Minister David Cameron, who has been so passionate in his arguments for intervention, has been humiliated. Continue reading

The Syrian question: Cameron’s latest blunder

Danger Keep OutIn 2003, Prime Minister Tony Blair defied the UN and joined George W. Bush on a doomed expedition to Iraq. It was believed that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction, yet these were never found. It was also believed that Iraq would be a freer, more prosperous land once the Coalition had ‘liberated’ it. This belief has since been proven to be completely unfounded.  Continue reading