Election 2015: five more years of pain

Ukelectionmap2015It’s 1992 all over again as the Shy Conservatives crawl out of the woodwork, make a mockery of every opinion poll in existence and condemn the United Kingdom to five more years of cutbacks, corporate tax evasion, privatisation and a potential exit from the EU, with all the uncertainty that attends it. Continue reading


Money talks: the 2014 Autumn Statement

Sad ChristmasI am reluctant to pour cold water on anyone’s seasonal good cheer. The Yuletide festivities are a stone’s throw away and most people in the UK are not thinking beyond their post-prandial Christmas Day snooze on the sofa, when not even the shrill insistence of a Boxing Day sale advert will rouse them from their alcohol and calorie-induced hebetude. It’s a fine tradition to which most of us in fair Albion look forward and it is understandable that we should be disinclined to contemplate the grey dawn of another year. It is with considerable reluctance, therefore, that I must turn our attentions to Chancellor Osborne’s Autumn Statement. Continue reading

Democracy 1, autocracy nil: Cameron’s crusade is crushed

The British Prime Minister's plan for a military strike against Syria is in tatters

The British Prime Minister’s plan for a military strike against Syria is in tatters

Late last night, a motion by the British government supporting military action in Syria was rejected by a margin of thirteen. The United Kingdom will not be taking part in any campaign against the Assad regime. This is the first time since 1782 that a British government has lost a vote on military action and the event will most likely go down as one of the highlights of 2013. Prime Minister David Cameron, who has been so passionate in his arguments for intervention, has been humiliated. Continue reading

The Syrian question: Cameron’s latest blunder

Danger Keep OutIn 2003, Prime Minister Tony Blair defied the UN and joined George W. Bush on a doomed expedition to Iraq. It was believed that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction, yet these were never found. It was also believed that Iraq would be a freer, more prosperous land once the Coalition had ‘liberated’ it. This belief has since been proven to be completely unfounded.  Continue reading

Banknotes and broomsticks

Banks & Bankability: storyteller Jane Austen will soon be joining Queen Elizabeth II on £10 notes

Banks & Bankability: storyteller Jane Austen will soon be joining Queen Elizabeth II on £10 notes

Recent events in UK news have prompted considerable debate about the role of the World Wide Web, social media, personal security versus state control and women’s rights. They have also reminded me of why feminists irritate me so much. Continue reading

Europe: the referendum countdown

On 23 January 2013, British Prime Minister David Cameron delivered his much-anticipated speech on Europe in London (the so-called ‘Tantric Speech’ that was months in the making). It was a speech designed to keep the Europhobic Tory backbenchers and UKIP at bay whilst reassuring his European partners that Great Britain was still on their side. Did he achieve either of these aims? That depends on whom you ask. Continue reading

A gong for Europe

EU 2012

At an awards ceremony in Oslo’s Grand Hotel today, the European Union has been given the Nobel Peace Prize on account of its efforts in promoting peace and human rights following the devastation of World War Two. While this accolade may be justified (the continent has suffered only one major conflict since 1945), the timing of this event could be considered inopportune. Continue reading