The ritual of holy war and murder


The King and Queen of Spain mourn the victims of the terror attack which claimed 15 lives in Barcelona recently. The atrocity of Las Ramblas was followed swiftly by another terror attack, this time in Finland, where a Moroccan stabbed two women to death. Such atrocities have, depressingly enough, become regular events in our calendar now and it would be naive of anyone to assume that the frequency of mass murder in the name of Islam will ebb in the near future. Continue reading


Use your disillusionment part 2

Do you remember the good old days? Do you recall that golden age when the World of WordPress had an ‘off-topic’ section? Ah, memories! I was a regular visitor there, as were many other bloggers. It gave us the chance to advertise our most recent posts in the hope of getting more traffic and, in turn, we would click on links to posts by others that caught our interest. Continue reading