Hope, spare a thought

Hope, please spare a thought or two

Spare a thought or two for me

Or, if I’m unworthy of your time

Spare a thought for Humanity

Give the troubled brotherhood of Man

A fighting chance, I pray

For if my wishes won’t come true

Send a wish or two their way

Fortune, shine a favoured light

Upon this crumbling land

For though I fear it’s undeserv’d

We need a helping hand

Lady Luck, you’ve spun your wheel

Pray, spin it once again

And if your favour I can’t hold

I’ll pass it onto them

Dear hope, I ask to give your blessing

To this ravaged earth

And though it’s much, I ask to give

Us more than we deserve

Our teeming masses need some sense

Our leaders need some vision

The voice of reason must drown out

The voice of superstition

We spread our seed and multiply

We dig and build and labour

We wait in queues and fill in forms

And neighbour vies with neighbour

Besuited creatures smile and wave

And make a five-year plan

But care not for our long-term goals

Nor the destiny of Man

For every soul whose dreams come true

A million others fail

The rich accumulate more than

They ever could avail

They sit upon their piles of gold

And count their every dollar

While others wake up every day

To penury and squalor

Ye Saints above, I humbly ask

Give us tools to make things right

Make a cure for our frailties, a balm for our sins

Or grant us interstellar flight

Show us a way out of this mess

A sign to set us free

Hope, please spare a thought or two

Please spare a thought for me.






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