It’s only a game, right?

Brazil FansThis picture was taken during the recent football match in which Brazil were annihilated by Germany 7-1. There is no shortage of photos depicting Brazil fans reacting to this agonizing defeat, but I find this particular one rather amusing. I love the way they express their horror in different ways.

Hairy sombrero chap: melancholic. The 7-1 loss has truly crushed his spirit and there he stands, heavy-hearted and utterly despondent. The juxtaposition of silly headwear and that gloomy expression is comical.

Floppy-haired fat man: choleric. He’s probably one of those artistic types, given to flashes of rage. Here, he has no intention of keeping it all in as he chews on his clothes and gesticulates dramatically. I wouldn’t like to have been in his car ride home.

Pretty brunette: sanguine. Like her male companions, she’s greatly dismayed by the result. However, being happy-go-lucky, she expresses her discontent in a different manner, pulling a face and giving it the thumbs-down. This young lady is not going to let the result ruin her day. I’ll wager she’s the sort of girl who puts others at their ease, loves to clown around and is eternally optimistic – an ENFP, perhaps?

That’s probably about as much insight into the so-called ‘beautiful game’ as you’ll ever see on this blog. For me, the World Cup ended when the England squad boarded their plane home (no doubt the pilot had left the engine running). It’s good to know I won’t have to sit in a pub and watch my home team, whose players earn more in a month than I’ll see in a lifetime, disappoint me again for another four years. Now, what else is on TV?



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