A poem about an aeroplane

The dew-sodden morning I greet with a sigh

An earth-shackled day that I face bitterly

But there, high above, in that gold-flecked blue sky

Can be found the sweet promise of my liberty


How far do you travel, O great white machine?

What bold new adventures can your passengers expect?

To places once distant you bring them in hours

And hitherto alien cultures connect


Do the people within feel as hopeful as I would?

Do they shine with bright hope as far up you soar?

Do they feel their hearts lift as you carry them skyward?

Should a flying machine still hold us in awe?


Brought into being by the wisdom of Man

A hallmark of manifest destiny

A metal-clad marvel in length and in span

You’ve broadened the scope of our short history


Journeys are booked and tickets are bought

Crowds of folk line up in anticipation

Fortunes are made and friendships are wrought

And eyes opened up to new culture and nation


You paint the clear sky with your vaporous trail

With airborne ambition, you ride the jet stream

Though wandering thoughts and vain hopes won’t avail

To see you is reason enough now to dream


Take me with you, dear plane! Take me with you, I pray!

Fly me north to the tundra or south to the sands

Bring me west to the New World or east to Cathay

Let me walk amid palm trees in faraway lands


I pledge now to leave all my crushed hopes behind

To keep all my fears and my doubts well-abated

With joy and with confidence foremost in mind

I’ll relish that journey for which I’ve long waited


Once there, I’ll find love – or else, love will find me

And the romance of others will be mine, at last

I’ll live once again and I’ll feel truly free

Of the leaden-weight troubles that blackened my past


So take me aboard, you great flying machine!

Let me laugh  at the gods and challenge the Fates

Thence to feast my poor eyes upon things not yet seen

In a fair, distant land where my one true love waits


I am but a poor man, but I promise to pay

All the money I have would be money well-spent

If you promise to carry me far and away

To a golden-hued future and a happy descent.


The Spideron values your opinion

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