Kiss Me Quick

Kiss me quick, kiss me slow

But kiss me again before you go

I’ll miss your pretty, smiling face

And this will be a sadder place

When we have said our last goodbye

And I shall heave a wistful sigh

Those blissful nights, those fun-filled days

Your effortlessly winsome ways

The time you said that magic word

The sweetest sound I ever heard!

The way you made me feel so free

Soon, nothing but a memory

I’ll savour my last sight of you

I’ll treasure it and hold it to

My aching, lonely heart, for this

Is all I’ll have without your kiss

When I am cold and sad again

I’ll sit awhile and think of when

Your love made me feel strong and brave

And how I vowed to keep you safe

Those heartfelt vows now count for naught

For our sweet love has been cut short

But Fate can never take away

The thoughts I have of yesterday

I’ll think of when there was you and me

When I was in choicest company

I hope that you’ll do much the same

And that you’ll still recall my name

When you have done all that you must

Heark back to when there was an ‘us’

These tears tell all the stars above

That we have lived and we have loved

So kiss me quick and kiss me now

Kiss me as only you know how

Pray let me hold you to my breast

And kiss me however you think best


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