Almost There

Almost there, the weekend’s almost there

Though there’s still much to be done, I hardly care

It’s almost there, that time is almost there

Five p.m. Greenwich Mean Time

Friday night’s almost there


When I step out the office door

I’ll make a beeline for

Any bar that’s open


Almost there, cast off your office wear

Another hour in this place and I’d go spare

We’re almost there, time to let down our hair

No spreadsheets, calls or e-mails

Five o’clock’s almost there


When I sign off I’ll head to town

Then I’ll find a pub and drown my sorrows


Almost there, into the open air

Two days away from my toil and my despair

And when I’m there, I can go anywhere I please and

Be my true self

Now that I’m almost there


I’m almost there

I’m almost there

Original by Simon May


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