Ocean of Time

Once, I waded along the shore

Through warm, salty waves and shifting sands

A sparkling, bright azure sea to explore

Guided by gentle, loving hands

The current, it bore me further along

And I heeded not the voices behind

As I thrashed and I flailed ‘gainst a current so strong

For I’d met my match in the rippling brine

Once, I was carried on merciless waves

Clutching at driftwood and yearning for land

Fretful and wearied by Apollo’s rays

Adrift in a world I did not understand

I saw other swimmers race swiftly ahead

They made short work of this bold maritime

They seemed so at ease as together they sped

Through the cold, unforgiving Ocean of Time

I no longer felt the warm hands of care

Which had held me aloft and guided me on

Now, only the pangs of a mortal despair

As I noticed that all whom I’d loved were now gone

Cold, dead faces looked up from the depths

There was no more love in those lifeless eyes

I wondered when my time would come to be swept

‘Neath the waves to my own black, inky demise

Once, I felt my limbs give way….


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