Quarter four projections

Many thanks to those of you who gave me such positive feedback on my poetry; it’s always nice to be appreciated! Most of those poems were composed during my adolescence, the final creative burst occurring in my first year at university. I haven’t included three love poems which I sent anonymously to a girl in my halls of residence, though I was sorely tempted to do so. She was a pretty thing, all right, but in truth I felt no genuine affection for her, only a sense of mild frustration that she never expressed a desire to share my bed. So why did I write them? Well, one of my favourite pastimes as a college freshman (alongside drug abuse, self-pity and internet pornography) was to play pranks on people. I suppose it gave me a sense of power, where otherwise I would have had none. So it was that, under cover of darkness, I’d slip my latest oeuvre under the door of the young psychology student and wait for the rumour mill to start grinding. It was so deliciously cloak-and-dagger! I often wonder if she, or any of her friends, ever suspected that I was the culprit.

It’s unlikely that any more poetry will be forthcoming, as my muse has long since abandoned me. However, I’ll publish a new chapter from my clip art story soon enough, whether you like it or not. My creativity should return now that this oppressive ‘indian summer’ has abated. Call me a curmudgeon if you will, but a heat wave is no joke when you’re stuck in an office or running around like a blue-arsed fly because you’re needed in two places at once. Back in February 2009, when I left the Evil Empire, I promised myself that I would not go through this again. It’s October 2011 and history is repeating itself; time makes fools of us all. I’m only here until Christmas, but the festive season seems like an eternity away. I’ve had to drop out of the local choir because of my heavy workload; doing so has made me feel like a failure. I think January would be a good time for hibernation, provided that Fate allow it. I’m grateful for the two years that I’ve been in my current job, but the time has come for me to embrace my destiny and pursue a career abroad, something I should have done a decade ago. 2011 has been an interesting year for me, even though I’ve only had about three days’ holiday. I joined a choir and performed in front of two hundred people. I found romance. My financial situation improved, as did my wardrobe. I tried new experiences, accepted new challenges, learned a great deal more. 2012 may be more interesting still, though there’s an awful fear in my mind that I’ll lose much along the way. Where’s a crystal ball when you need it?

Three more months…

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