A sad poem

Gather round, children, and listen ye well

For I have many a story to tell

Of heartbreak and vengeance, hate and despair

Of truth that is hidden, but found everywhere.

There once was a girl who was loved by a boy

Her sight filled his heart with pleasure and joy

Yet she would rebuff him, and he would lament

When grief turned to anger, all patience was spent

Rage o’ertook him – for he had been shunned –

And he sought to tear out her sharp, spiteful tongue

The madness, it took him and lo! he did slay

The wench who had teased him and led him astray

His mind was tormented, tears welled in his eyes

To think such devotion had all been for lies

His heart fell to pieces, his dreams disappeared

For he was a loner that no-one revered.

There once was a man at the end of his tether

Never could he keep his family together

His wife, she did leave him; all money was gone

But he could not understand where he’d gone wrong

With the family long-parted, the long, empty years

Took their toll on the drunkard, who drowned in his tears

And there on the gravestone, inscribed there forever:

“Here’s the man who could ne’er keep his family together.”

A man worked a field for his loved ones all day

Yet still, he made time in the evening to pray

Thanks he would give for a thankless exertion

And a life free of hunger was his one ambition

An answer did come from the heavens one night

Borne by foreign machines and earth-scorching light

Where once was a village lay a smoking ruin

For another man’s cause that meant nothing to him

Still, millions of others continue to pray

That their lives and their homes are not taken away

By unfeeling rulers in ivory towers

Who daily abuse their god-like powers.

There once was an angel who said to his King:

“O! Lord, what hast Thou done to these poor, wretched things?”

God furrowed His brow, and then He thus spake:

“Pray send them some chains for their spirits to take

Let them know that their time on this earth is not done

So they realise that they have had more luck than some.”

The angel obeyed (as he knew he must)

He saw that what God had done was unjust

The ghosts, they frequented this sad, mortal plane

The angel, he wept, his heart filled with shame

But up in the sky, flocked by cherubs and saints

His Majesty laughed with His daughters, the Fates.

Remember, dear children, your hopes and your dreams

Remember your purpose and what your life means

Don’t forget what great sorrow and harm fate has done

Learn well, and you’ll know it can be overcome.

– The Spideron


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