The Children of Cain

Work’s been quiet lately, as it always is at this time of year. I ought to make the most of the August lull and get on with something useful, like applying for a proper job, learning a language or reading that new George R. R. Martin book that came out recently. Instead, I’ve been trawling the news pages on the Web, gauging the opinions of others and pondering the issues of the moment. Right now, there’s only one thing to talk about if you’re a good citizen of Albion. It’s the summer blockbuster that came to our doorsteps like a force of nature, the highlight of the year, the event that’s got most of us hovering around the water-coolers like bees around honey. In case you still haven’t worked it out, here’s a reminder of what’s been going on in the cities of England lately:

Eye-catching, isn’t it? What began as a protest over an incident in Tottenham has turned into the worst case of civil unrest in living memory. Buildings burn, shops are looted, people are injured and killed, city centres are warzones….we live in interesting times. So who’s behind all of this trouble? The IRA? The Taliban? Albanian gangsters? If only it were that simple! No, dear reader, the image you see here is the handiwork of my fellow countrymen, though in truth they are as alien to me as the creatures that dwell at the bottom of the ocean. They have been called ‘the lost generation’, ‘the underclass’, ‘unfortunates’ without a stake in society. To me, they are simply known as chavs.

The term is a divisive one, sneered at by the Left as a form of class division, but one which to others evokes images of a society in decay. Broadly speaking, a chav is the worst kind of Briton. Barely-literate, anti-intellectual, violent, unemployable, completely lacking in self-respect or respect for others, this creature is the bane of our once-proud nation. They are not in the least ashamed of their dependency on state handouts; indeed, they consider it to be almost their divine right. Individually, they are weak, so they form clusters and observe a pack mentality. Supported by the taxpayer, they breed prolifically, with little or no regard for the consequences, and their children are doomed to end up like them. Chavs are worthless animals who respond only to fear. They believe they have nothing to lose, hence why they always cause trouble. Let’s not kid ourselves – these vermin were a thorn in our side long before the riots. Ask their victims. Ask the lonely old woman who is afraid to leave her house, even during the daytime. Ask the retarded girl whose house is pelted with missiles on a weekly basis and who suffers endless verbal abuse. Ask the likely lad who got his head kicked in, simply because he was walking through their ‘turf’. I bore witness to this kind of anti-social behaviour as far back as the 1990s. People I know, good people, have suffered at the hands of cowardly yobs whose only strength lies in their numbers. Rehabilitation doesn’t work for them; they might pretend to empathise with their victims in front of the authorities, then laugh about it with their friends afterwards. The champagne socialists who defend them are so foolish and delusional, that they actually fall for this trick and use such false contrition to support their misguided beliefs.

There’s been a lot of talk about the ethnic makeup of these rioters. Many people point the finger of blame on immigrant communities and multiculturalism. I believe this is a red herring, as chavs come in all shapes and sizes. What they have in common, however, is an absence of moral fibre and contempt for all that is good in the world. I’ve made it abundantly clear, in the past, how I feel about Pakistanis, but even I am prepared to admit that they are victims of the unrest as much as the next man, if not more so. The communities that suffer the most are the poor, inner-city areas, which coincidentally tend to be the most polyglot and heterogeneous. It would appear that the riots were begun by negroes, but I’ve noticed a lot of white boys and even girls joining in. That’s right, girls, some as young as eight. The majority of the rioters appear to belong to the 15-25 age group, which does not surprise me in the slightest. It’s almost always this demographic which is involved in drink-related violence in the towns and cities of England every weekend. Combine the arrogance of youth with virtually no parental supervision or respect for authority and you have a recipe for disaster. When foreigners complain of ‘ze Eengleesh’ and the shameless antics they get up to whilst on holiday, they’re talking about loud, insolent yobs in their late teens and early twenties. How many baby-boomers act this way? They were raised in an age before moral relativism tore at the fabric of order in Britain, when single-parent families were thankfully rare, before the human rights do-gooders got their tendrils into the machinery of power.

The chav menace will rear it ugly head time and again unless decisive action is taken. By this, I mean punitive measures: flogging, torture, hard labour. They’re the sort of measures which we associate with that nasty Chinese government. Remind me, though: which country, out of the UK and China, is the one with crippling debts? Which is the one with the benefit-scrounging hooligans? Which is the one with the family values and the ambition? Tough times call for tough action and pain is a language that even the most slow-witted chav fully understands. Am I a bad man for advocating harsh reprisals? Some of you may think so, but my understanding of this issue is far greater than that of the limp-wristed apologists in their ivory towers. I know how chavs think. I know what dark thoughts dwell within those rotten brains. I see the malice in their piggy little eyes. I see the love of chaos in every graffito, every act of vandalism, every broken neighbourhood. At the core of a chav’s belief is respect for the strong and hatred of the weak. This is why every act of clemency towards them is doomed to fail and it is also why they must suffer. The hooded menace will crumble under torture and humiliation. Liberalism has failed, boys and girls. Mr. and Mrs. Neverspank have created a society that is afraid of its own children. In the last few days, our cities have been at the mercy of human cockroaches who know how to play the system because the system has allowed them to do so. Sanctimonious intellectuals wag their fingers and bleat about ‘deprivation’, but when was the last time a chav went hungry? What do they truly know of hardship? They loot and burn because they can, knowing full well that the authorities are too afraid of hurting their feelings.

The riots of 2011 are a symptom of the malaise in our fragmented society. England needs order, not empty rhetoric. Order is the key to prosperity and success; without it, we face more misery and hardship. We need a strong leader who will stick up for the hardworking citizen, not kow-tow to those parasites in Strasbourg. Our enemy is not hiding in a cave in Afghanistan or plotting our demise in the Kremlin. He is right here on our doorstep, sneering at polite society and dragging the motherland back to the Dark Ages. It’s time to declare war. Spideron out.

2 thoughts on “The Children of Cain

  1. Instead of rubber bullets, clubs, and tear gas, maybe chavs would respect live ammunition. People with this mentality only respond to one thing, “hit them in the head harder and harder until they learn their lesson.” At least that is what caused me to wake up one day and smell the roses. I know, how inhumane of me, but it can make life much more humane for countless others.

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