A poem about a faraway place

Welcome to Seventh Heaven, where nothing is quite what it seems

Here my fantasies come alive, fulfilment of my dreams

Come, come, see my city of gold, with its towers of glittering glory

Fantastical entities throng the streets, where there is much to see

Spend some time on Easy Street, where toil is a dirty word

Fortune comes at your every whim, but effort is absurd

If ever you wish to be entertained, then look no further than the Joker’s Pavilion

The joke’s on you, but what does it matter, when the audience says you’re one in a million?

Dine in style at the Emperor’s Palace, where you are an honoured guest

And you may drink from a golden chalice and eat from only the best

From bustling town to rustic fields, let’s take in the country air

Where yields are high and rents are low, and life is always fair

Upon those endless, sun-kissed fields, Death’s shadow’s never cast

And folk look forward to a joyous future as much as they honour the past

As night descends, look for your friends in a tavern or an inn

Where wise men drink and carouse all night, for drinking is never a sin

Look upon my wondrous world, compare it with our own

For yonder’s where my mind will travel when I am alone

Away from stress and strangers, away from all my peers

To assume my peerless position in a kingdom without fears

Away to my utopian empire! To be what I want to be!

Away to my dreams! Away from this place we call Reality.

– The Spideron, 1993


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