Use your disillusionment part 1

It’s been a fair while since I came here to the World of WordPress. I must regretfully inform you, dear reader, that I am somewhat underwhelmed. There are some interesting blogs around here, but there’s an awful lot of rubbish to sift through. Today, for the first time, I explored the forum section in an attempt to connect with fellow bloggers, to read something interesting and perhaps weigh in with my own (well-informed) opinion. There are some good topics on there up for discussion, but I’m having great difficulty finding a blog that is equally stimulating. Here is a list of topics in which I have a keen interest: European politics and economics, films, television, video games (X-Box and PC), history, folklore, mental health issues and jokes. I am not interested in looking at your latest holiday snaps or saccharine musings on your insignificant love life. Your snot-nosed progeny do not concern me in the slightest and nor does your latest recipe. If I want a cake, I’ll go to the damned supermarket and buy one. Is that clear?

I maintain that WordPress search engine is THE WORST SEARCH ENGINE IN INTERNET HISTORY. Don’t try to deny it; it’s atrocious. First, when I type in a keyword (for example, ‘WordPress’, ‘Eurovision’, or ‘strippers’), I do not want the results in a new window, or even a new tab. I like to keep myself busy with multiple web-related activities all on the go at once (like Yahoo, YouTube and Wikipedia). One tab for each will do fine. I neither want nor need eight hundred and thirty thousand windows all from the same website. It’s inefficient, intrusive and a waste of my valuable time. I am heartily sick of having to close down window after window on account of bad programming. Moreover, when I finally look at my search results, I do not wish to be confronted with ‘0 results for Eurovision’. Don’t insult my intelligence, WordPress. You know that’s a lie and liars make me angry. I’m not interested in browsing through those ‘tags’ – they never yield anything worthwhile, any more than the ‘read freshly pressed’ option does.

So much for going straight to the tree. If you want more traffic on your page and you have something worthwhile to share with the world, let me know. Help me to help you. Spideron out.


3 thoughts on “Use your disillusionment part 1

  1. I like this post. I am pretty new to the world of wordpress having previously had livejournal as my home for many years, that now seems to be filled with people with many ailments and issues and I decided to leave. So it is with interest I read your post as I am having trouble find a blog to read that interests me, and finding interesting stuff is not an easy task.

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