Weather or not

Spring is in the air again. Old Man Winter has travelled south and it’s time to dust off those summer clothes. The warm weather always makes me more sociable. In winter, you have to wear several layers of clothing to prevent the onset of hypothermia before setting off to the pub/bar/house party. In warm weather, you don’t have to worry about a coat, it’s safe to hang around in the beer garden and most of the female clientele wear revealing attire. There are exceptions, of course. What is it with those foreign types who overdress in summer? Are they really that cold, or are they trying to distinguish themselves out of a misplaced sense of superiority? They annoy me every bit as much as the slappers who wear next to nothing on cold nights. Seriously, people, dress appropriately! Save the skimpy attire for summer and the heavy leather jackets for winter. It ain’t rocket science.
So now that the sun’s got his hat on, I expect to receive invitations to various nights on the town, shindigs, soirées, hootenannies and box socials between now and October. Yes, I know taxes have risen and there are even more government cuts (didn’t anyone tell George Osborne not to run around with scissors?), so I accept that some people may be worried about not having enough cash to fund their social lives this year. But since when has a recession got in the way of love and friendship? Last year, I was so poor, there were cobwebs in my wallet. Burglars would break into my house and leave money on the dresser. I was in and out of work and always hard-up, but I still managed to show my face at the local watering-hole on occasion. So stop whining and get your glad-rags on! After all, you’re only young once.


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