MP900405448It’s all doom and gloom in the news, isn’t it? Rising oil prices, rising unemployment, cutbacks in pretty much everything, more and more terrorist plots. Living in the United Kingdom is no picnic right now, believe me. So how about an escape from reality? Nothing keeps the blues away like a good film, so I’ve had a little look-see at the cinema listings for this week. Here’s what I found.

Explosive Action 3 (15)

Fast-paced and brain-dead thriller in which Detective Frank Wade has just 48 hours to punch and kick his way through a succession of mullet-haired goons. From the makers of ‘Ninja Cop 5’.

Sun-Thu                14:00     16:00     18:00     20:00     22:00

Fri-Sat                    16:00     18:00     20:00     22:00     23:30

The Bachelor Bride (PG)

In the laugh-out-loud comedy of the year, a ditzy blonde sets out to find true love – with hilarious consequences! Contains scenes of predictable humour and mawkish sentimentality.

Mon-Fri                 14:30     16:00     18:45     19:30     20:30

Sat-Sun                  13:45     15:00     16:30     17:30     19:00     20:15

Anthropomorphz (U)

CGI  fun for all the family. Featuring the voice of that stand-up comedian who was a household name in the 1990s then did that stupid sitcom.

Wed-Fri                  14:45     16:30     18:00

Sat-Sun                  12:30     14:00     15:30     16:30     18:00

The Dreadenator (18)

Some attractive but irritating teens find an isolated cabin in the woods, then get murdered in imaginative ways. Only the sensible brunette survives.

Wed-Sat                20:00     21:30     22:15     23:30

Sun                         20:00     21:30     22:15

The Girl Who Sat In A Boat (PG)

Moving drama about a young Palestinian girl slowly coming to terms with something. For all you Guardian readers out there.

Mon, Wed & Fri                   19:45     23:30

Quite a good selection, there. Which do you think I should see and why? Answers on a postcard, kids.

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