A mid-year reflection

I’m old enough to remember the 1990s. I remember how achingly dull they were. It was a decade in which the media had hysterical fits over a few semen stains in the White House. 90% of UK news seemed to be either the Northern Ireland Peace Process or Conservative backbenchers whingeing about the European Union. Continue reading “A mid-year reflection”

My UK election predictions

brexit election

The United Kingdom is bracing itself for one of the most contentious, dramatic and critical general elections in British political history. Voters are going to the polls to decide who will represent them at a local level and those choices will determine the future direction of the nation. Continue reading “My UK election predictions”

The ritual of holy war and murder


The King and Queen of Spain mourn the victims of the terror attack which claimed 15 lives in Barcelona recently. The atrocity of Las Ramblas was followed swiftly by another terror attack, this time in Finland, where a Moroccan stabbed two women to death. Such atrocities have, depressingly enough, become regular events in our calendar now and it would be naive of anyone to assume that the frequency of mass murder in the name of Islam will ebb in the near future. Continue reading “The ritual of holy war and murder”

The Lair turns five: part two

Good times, for a change

My contract with social services ended in December 2013. I was sad to leave, in a way, because there were some good people there. My reputation as an efficient administrator preceded me and I landed a job in another department. Perhaps I was a little too hasty in accepting it. What was my game plan? Why was I drifting from job to job? Why did I always have to have one eye on the exit? Continue reading “The Lair turns five: part two”

The Lair turns five: part one

It has been five years since The Spideron’s Lair made its debut in the World of WordPress. It’s rather strange to think that it has been so long, stranger still that I have never given up writing in it, though my posts are not nearly frequent enough. I never cared for birthdays, even as a young boy, but I feel that this one is worth celebrating. Continue reading “The Lair turns five: part one”